1 Day Training Workshops

Effective & Relevant 1 Day Training Workshops

The 1 day training workshops are available in house at your offices or at our Central London training suite

The Skilful Agent - A 1 Day Training Workshop

Maximise more opportunities, increase your pipeline and see a real difference in the day to day performance and focus of estate agents. Gain tools, strategies and insights that can be positively integrated into day to day activities.

The Advanced Agent - A 1 Day Training Workshop

Increase fees, list the type of properties you’re great at selling, become known as local genuine property experts and develop those leadership skills. Start ensuring that every interaction with your agency is a great experience.

Journey – A 1 day training workshop

More exchanges and less fall-throughs by becoming an experts in running sales. Gain a new understanding of the experience for vendors and buyers and how to leverage this to greater success.

Genesis - Starts with A 1 Day Training Workshop

Future proof your Estate Agency with a bespoke manual on your procedures, systems and processes. Have staff understand your core values and come to work because they love their jobs and not simply for salary.


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Where and when is the training?

We offer in house training and visit many clients throughout the UK. This year so far we have worked with Estate Agents from the South Coast, throughout the South East and up to and beyond the Midlands. We are on a mission to support all Estate Agents throughout the UK so get in touch if you want to know when we can come and see you.

If your prefer, you are more than welcome to come and see us, our training days are held on a regular basis in Central London EC1 from 9.30m to 4.30pm. Dates are normally available on our website and newsletters.

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