Why sharing really is caring…

Sharing – A secret to selling more houses

It’s no secret that sharing is caring and what’s this got to do with selling more houses? It’s simple really, share more about yourself, be more vulnerable and you instantly build stronger and more authentic relationships with vendors and buyers. They will trust you quicker, value your opinion and this will make things like winning instructions, negotiating offers, running sales and even getting a higher fee a lot easier. With so much of the customers journey done online theses days, we often overlook the huge opportunity that exists when as agents we have direct (human 😊) contact with sellers and buyers.

While opening up a little on a valuation, viewing or even registering an applicant, might not seem like the natural way forward, the fact is, those who share themselves and take an interest in others, grow stronger and have more meaningful relationships. Being vulnerable itself may seem like we are leaving ourselves open to failure or worst yet, ridicule and avoiding vulnerability may seem like the safe strategy, it really isn’t – and here’s why.

Not sharing yourself and letting people know who you really are, is a risk in itself.

Imagine a viewing: The house has potential – but it’s hard to see and would be radical. Do you share authentically your ideas with the potential buyer or comment on how a friend or family member took a project on and what that experience was like for them, or, keep those thoughts to yourself and just go for the salesy approach of how great it will all look and how much extra equity they will have once the work is completed? Not to say that the latter is not true but by making this the focus, we miss the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship, gain trust and position ourselves as genuine experts.  Then of course, they might not like our ideas or even be put off by our straight talking, but, we would have gained a fan as by sharing ourselves a little, people naturally feel safer with us and begin to open up more themselves. Once the relationship has an authentic foundation people are going to be much more inclined to listen to you and even want to be around you.

Avoiding sharing ourselves, keeps small talk to a minimum and does not allow natural opportunities to come up from a conversation. So, we simply point out the south facing view or scope for potential. But by allowing ourselves to share for a moment means throwing ideas into the conversation and letting people know something about ourselves and asking people about themselves.

Something like this:

“You could replace that window with a set of bifold doors, knock out that wall and make a lovely kitchen living space across the back of the house. That’s what my cousins did, it was 3 months of disruption in the house but they just love it now! What were you thinking?”

OR (when registering an applicant)

“We often get buyers looking for that development and I have spent a lot of time there myself. Let me know if you want to come into the office for a coffee over the next few days and I can tell you all about how the concierge, gym and the general block management works, if you like? How does that sound?”

Suddenly we’re not just another Estate Agent asking some scripted Q & A’s.  We’re real a person, with a personality and some ideas. Of course, there’s a chance that they may not like our openness or comments for that matter, though rest assured they will remember you and will grow to trust and like you.

Opening up brings authenticity.

If we just keep on sticking to the ordinary conversations with buyers and sellers then let’s not expect the results to change too much for the experience, we are giving to people is the same as everyone else.

As they say, doing the same thing each day and expecting a different result…. (well you know the rest).

Being vulnerable shows that we are real people and brings a degree of authenticity to any relationship. The other party will warm to you as a person and that type of relationship is far stronger than when they simply see you as just another estate agent.

If you’re not a natural sharer, here are some tips to get you on the road:

  • Allow yourself to be passionate when talking to people and ask questions about them

  • Share your ideas, thoughts and what you are up to and ask people the same about their lives

  • If you wouldn’t tell it to your mother-in-law (or your own mum), then don’t say it!

  • Remember use a self-deprecating comment or two to lighten the mood, nothing too personal or too often

  • Don’t be afraid to be your awesome self and let people know how great they are and what you like about them

  • Don’t allow fear to stop you from sharing or being interested in others, just go for it!

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