What 10 minute morning ritual can make you an expert?

What can you do for 10 minutes each morning that will immediately impact your results and success TODAY?

Unfortunately, it’s not kick-back and enjoy a flat white or cappuccino though the good news is you can include a good coffee into this morning ritual.

The most successful Estate Agents in 2019 are no longer winging it, they are agents who know what they are talking about, not only in the local market but also in areas that bear a direct relation to the UK housing market.

These agents understand the difference that a little knowledge in current affairs makes to their fee level, pipeline and what they take home at the end of each month.

If you want to strengthen your position as a person of influence and have vendors and buyers listen to you as a Genuine Property Expert, then give this a try:

Spend 10 minutes each morning on the Sky News (or similar) business page. It might sound boring, but it will pay dividends and quickly. You will be stunned at how differently vendors, landlords and buyers are going to react to you when you are informed on things like the Governor of the Bank of England (Mark Carney) is stepping down in June  or that Sainsburys share price has recently fallen by 41% and what this means.

I’m not saying that you are not a ‘local’ expert, or you don’t know your area like the back of your hand, what I am saying is that the world has changed and so has estate agency and, if you want to justify a good fee and have people listen to you then start looking at things which will elevate your level of expertise.

Charisma will get you so far but if you REALLY want to be taken seriously and have people trust you then get reading and start with current affairs.

As the saying goes ‘a little knowledge goes a long way’

If you like this type of content and want to know about the type of training that EA Life offers and the difference it can make to you and your agency, then give Richard a call on 020 3488 0057.

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