Want to agree more sales? Try these 3 today

If you are looking to grow your business, here are 3 strategies to get the whole team enrolled with.

1. Raise your game

No-one likes to be told they are not trying hard enough and that is not what I am saying here. What I am saying is that your overall service that you give is often the best advert you have. So from better time keeping, improving your appearance, bringing integrity to more areas or just being a better (more regular) communicator, raising your game will increase your success

2. Stop telling people how good you are

We all do a little bragging sometimes but the truth is people are more interested in themselves and so instead let people know what you are going to do for them, how you are going to help them and what problems and concerns you will address for them and how.

3. STOP taking on bad listings

I know it can be tempting sometimes when you’re a bit short on your instruction target for the month or you can have a board in a great place and stop the competition from taking it on but the truth is bad listings are time consuming, bad for business and rarely end well

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