The Game of Estate Agency (part 1)

‘First you have to learn the rules of the game, and then play it better than anyone else’ said Albert Einstein.

How does this relate to Estate Agency and our evolving industry?

Well, the thing is, the Game of Estate Agency has changed a lot, particularly in the last few years. If we are to win the game these days, we must first acknowledge the ‘old way’ of; most stock, most boards, most pages in the local paper, open the most hours etc generally won the game of estate agency. So the thing is, the world, business and in particular the needs, requirements and expectations of the property seller and buyer has changed.

The demands of estate agents are different to those of the not so distant days gone by and in the new, exciting and challenging landscape, using the same KPI’s of even 5 years ago, let alone 10+ years ago is simply not enough.

So, how do we play the Game of Estate Agency the ‘new way’. One of the answers to this is easier than we think though sometimes difficult to implement. To win the new game (or to even be playing in it) means playing THE LONG GAME and to do this we first look at what does this really mean.

To play the long game looks like this: We add value to our communities, to peoples’ lives, and we make a difference, that’s it, nothing more, it really is that simple. We give them content and information that is going to help them on their journey. We make them feel safe and secure by ensuring the quality of the content is interesting, insightful and in some way to your brand, product and what you do.

This is what companies such as Apple, Tesla and closer to home, John Lewis, First Direct and Ocado have totally mastered. They don’t just ensure that they add value to the current and potential customers’ lives but they also ensure that people’s experience when interacting with them is aligned with an outstanding customer experience from start to finish and beyond…

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Part 2 of the Game of Estate Agency coming soon…

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