Stop saying these 3 things…

Want a more a productive week?

Then stop saying these 3 things that undermine your position as a trusted advisor and should be removed from your conversation.

1. I’m sorry to bother you…
Do not ever start a conversation with anyone with these words. You’re not sorry to bother them and when something is important enough like selling and buying a property, it shouldn’t wait. If you are calling a vendor what you’re probably sorry about is your discomfort about voicing the actual offer amount, whatever it is (unless it is the asking price) and more so the response that you may receive.

By putting this into a conversation it places the other person in complete control and takes away your power.

If you’re not sure if it’s a good time to speak about an offer then start with something like “I would like to discuss an offer I have received on the house with you, this is going to take several minutes, is now a good time to do that?.”

2. I believe/think/feel/like that…
These are known as filler words and remove the level of importance around what you are saying. Like the word “just” (notice you may use these words together: “I just feel that…”) they diminish what you are saying

See if you can remove these fillers as you are talking and notice the difference in the outcomes in your conversations.
See these two examples:

“I just feel like this is a good buyer and the offer should be considered.”

Lands differently to:

“This is a good buyer and the offer should be considered”

Even if the offer is not accepted you sound more professional and expert like in the 2nd example, now putting you in a more favourable position in the next conversation.

Slow down – slow the pace down just a little when you are talking

Take pauses – this may feel a little unnatural at first and while you don’t want to make the conversations awkward, some subtle pausing will give your brain the chance to catch up

Relax – sounds obvious but just take a deep breath or two while listening to the other person

3. I’ll do it…
Stop volunteering your time too quickly. Successful agents step up and pitch in, however, when you volunteer for everything from late night viewings, delivering documents by hand, making the coffee or running errands, you designate yourself as the low person on the totem pole. Be a team player, but don’t jump at every chance to take care of the small things.
Yes we are in a service industry and yes, at the heart of what we do is to help people, but, we cannot simply do everything and if we go round like we can provide every solution, carry out every task and make everything happen ourselves  it will eventually be to our detriment and to the detriment of other clients.
I am not saying you shouldn’t go that extra mile as that can often make a difference, what I am saying is stop saying yes, every time, whether it’s a request from a vendor, buyer, colleague or even your manager.

Start to say no (when it is appropriate), this will keep you focused on your objectives which will be for the benefit of your pipeline, clients and business.





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