Expect the unexpected

On Friday 14th June, I attended the Sanjfest Estate Agency conference at the prestigious Royal Connaught Rooms in Central London. I wasn’t sure what to expect and as is often the case in life, when we are unsure of how something is going to go, it often turns out to be something quite remarkable.

It wasn’t just a great line up of leading thinkers from the Estate Agency industry but for me personally, it was the opportunity to spend time with, learn from and have dinner with one of the most authentic and inspiring people I have been around for a long time. I am of course talking about Tom Panos, one of the world’s leading authorities on Estate Agency.

What I learnt in just a small amount of time of listening to and being around Tom is amazing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am fortunate to do a job that I love and this means as someone who is involved on a day to day basis in the training and development of Estate Agents, I regularly attend weekend training courses, webinars and online courses. Added to this, I have a healthy obsession about ‘what makes a real difference in people’s performance and results’ and am ongoingly reading and learning from as many people as I can. Therefore, for me to stop and write about just what an amazing guy this man is, is not something I do lightly.

So, what did I learn from spending time with Tom? A lot would be the answer and I have been writing a lot since that day but here are the big soundbites that I wanted to share with you and hopefully you get something like I did:

  1. Systems, structure and process ALWAYS BEATS talent and success.

  2. Build the tribe that’s got your vibe. STOP trying to be all types of agents to all types of vendors.

  3. If you want to give a great customer experience you MUST have a great customer system.

  4. What is your marketing plan? Agents should have a clearly defined marketing plan. Owners then know what to expect.

  5. Your interactions should have scripts AND your scripts should have structure. When you walk into someone’s home, are you ready to let them know how the experience is going to go and break this down for them.

  6. Be your authentic self, that is one of ‘musts’ if you want to play the long game.

  7. FINALLY – this for me was the big one, life is really short, so be kind (to others and yourself), play all out, chase your dreams and GO FOR IT!

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