EA Life – the Rule of 3

Are you a Genuine Local Property Expert and practice the Rule of 3? A great opportunity to further elevate yourself to position of local expert and an agent or company who is in touch with the community around them.

Do you and your staff have the details and knowledge of 3 of the following, for your area? Plumbers, Roofers, Electricians, General Builders, Architects, Planning Consultants, Schools, Nurseries, Local Events, Leisure / Sports Clubs, GPs, Dentists, Removal Companies, Transport Links, Best Kept Secrets (In your town), Restaurants, Coffee Shops and more.

It’s really worth meeting local suppliers, businesses and visiting restaurants, sports clubs etc. You can even interview people or rate businesses and post this on your Facebook Page.

Been having some great conversations with agents recently who have really taking on the Rule of 3 and have got some great results. It has given their staff confidence when talking with buyers and sellers as well as feeling more connected with their local community and environment. This has worked particularly well when valuing, building trust with buyers and growing local brand.

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