Start asking these two questions today!

TWO great questions you need to start using today when registering applicants.

These are such great questions with a list of endless benefits but the main points are as follows. You will NOT sound like every other agent. It has never been more important to stand out so don’t tell people you are different to other agents but instead BE different and do that by asking different questions.

You will also get to interact longer with the person on the phone as these are ‘conversational’ type questions. Why is this important? Well some of you may know that there is science of interaction and touch points which bigger companies know all about. Put simply the longer someone interacts with you, the more they are going to know, trust and like you.

ALSO, with these types of questions you are future proofing objections as you are getting right down to the nitty gritty of what their needs are. Therefore once you can satisfy those needs (watch the video to understand more) there is less space for objections.

You start to sound like an expert and have passion which people find enrolling and they will start to listen to you.

IT stops you having to ask lots of little questions, you will get a lot of information about requirements and, valuable information about position and financial arrangement without asking personal info or sounding like you’re trying to sell a mortgage appointment.



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