We help our clients by training and developing their staff which in turn leads to improved performance and results. We work well with agents who are keen to learn and grow while engaging, challenging and inspiring themselves and those around them. Our success is measured by the successes of the Estate Agents we work with and we work well with those who understand the value of positive relationships with their active clients, the dormant market and their staff. We are passionate about what we do and believe that motivated, trained and focused Estate Agents go a long way to contributing to achieving goals and objectives. We love to develop estate agents by unlocking people’s potential and helping our clients to retain staff for longer.

Our training and methodology has been devised over many years and are effective in making a real and lasting difference with those who attend them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a positive, lasting and real difference in the performance and results of organisations and people within the Estate Agency industry.

Our vision

Our vision is to create leaders who are a resource for their organisations, the community at large and able to influence property markets, reputation, results and change.

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Why People Choose Us

    • Nurture, develop and retain talent to grow your business
    • Reduce staff turnover and create a reliable team
    • Have engaged staff performing to their maximum
    • A problem solving team that communicates effectively
    • Access to industry leaders and business experts
    • Immediately begin to impact results and performance
    • Want leaders to grow and develop your business


Richard Zeff

Richard is the founder of EA Life and has over 20 years of successful estate agency experience. He has been responsible for over £350,000,000 worth of residential property sales from Central London, the Home Counties and as far afield as Central Africa. Alongside his agency career, Richard has 14 years’ experience in training and development. He has trained and coached people from multinationals, non-profits and many estate agents. Richard possesses an innate leadership style which inspires, empowers and develops those around him. 'At the moment we provide solutions to impact sales and results. Long term we aim to transform how the high street agent is viewed to one of trusted advisers, leaders and people that make a real difference within their organisations and communities at large'.